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   Wo source welding equipment Limited is a collection of independent research and development, production, sales, service as one of the development of high-tech enterprises.

The company in its own perfection and constant development, concentrate advantage, play a day, in the traditional welding equipment stable quality, and continuously expand the market share at the same time, with China"s national conditions, in a people-oriented, further development and production of light energy, intelligent, digital as the main characteristics of inverter welding and cutting equipment.

The company mainly produces varieties: AC / DC welding series, series inverter DC arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding series inverter DC argon arc welding, plasma cutting machine series, series, spot welding machine series, on the welding machine series, automatic submerged arc welding machine series, full digital inverter pulse series, portable CNC cutting series; products covered a wide range, price high, both rugged industrial models and plane, and lightweight applicable small civilian aircraft, in all Wo source of hard efforts, the continuous development of the company.

The company"s achievements, thanks to all the agents and users, we will continue to strive to continue to produce more and better environmental protection type welding equipment, we believe that Wo source of many brands in the model, have a total for you, in advanced technology and production support, users will pass more easy to operate, and achieve improve the welding effect, the company based on China in the world, and constantly develop.

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